friendly club for amateur photographers in and around sherborne, dorset

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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 6 December at Bradford Abbas Village Hall
Social evening, to include Elizabeth’s mince pies!
Photo Challenge: Where is it (images within 10 miles of Bradford Abbas VH). Visitors welcome!

Last Meeting of the Season

Hello everyone,

With the prospect of a long summer ahead there was an upbeat, end-of-term feeling about last Tuesday evening’s Camera Club meeting. Swallows, house martins, and now swifts have returned, signalling a clear change of season.

Huw Alban (‘artist using photography’) was our guest speaker. You may remember how well-prepared and carefully presented his talk on ‘The Emotional Landscape’ was, back in 2015. Last Tuesday’s presentation: ‘My Photography – My Way’, was similarly detailed, but this time concentrating on techniques to capture the very best image in camera.

Underpinning Huw’s photography is a real sense of wanting to capture the mood of a scene, and to think carefully about how to convey this. The histogram is critical, and we were shown also how neutral density and graduated filters can enhance what the camera records. This was illustrated by some of his very fine photographs.

My projects for the summer obviously involve tripod, filters, histograms . . . and a small notebook!

Best Wishes,





Hi Folks,

At the last meeting, the club had a most enjoyable photo shoot for one hour in Sherborne. It was a beautiful evening and members took full advantage of the excellent light to photograph the evening sun shining on Sherborne’s historic buildings, and the shadows cast in the gardens.  These were some of the many photo opportunities that were found around the ancient streets

Returning to Bradford Abbas Village Hall for refreshments, the very creditable results of the evening’s efforts were projected onto the screen for discussion and some light hearted banter.


Our next meeting which is on Tuesday 23rd May, is the last of the season and will be a talk by Huw Alban entitled “My Photography- My Process-My Way”.  The members who attended Huw’s workshop at Sherborne Castle will know what a treat this lecture is going to be.

May I remind those who were at the workshop, that your favourite image from the day should be forwarded to Huw for critique to be discussed at our next meeting.

With best wishes,